West Malling ~ Village Photography

I took these images in my local village based upon my research into different architectural environments, I tried to think about a varied environment where I could gain different type of imagery.I wanted to create some imagery that really showed the environment of a small village, I live in the country side so this is more of a country village with small independent shops & a supermarket etc.
This just shows a few images of things that I found interesting in the village.
I am not to keen on this imagery I have created, Although it is interesting git is slightly dull (this could be because of the lighting, it was a slightly glum day).
I do think some of this imagery could be effective, I really do like the close ups, For this I used manual focus with a slightly larger lens on my DSLR camera. I think the imagery is very bright and eye catching and really interesting but I’m not sure this is something I will use in my final as of yet. I feel like it has a very relaxed atmosphere and this is not something I wanted to portray with my imagery, I feel like I want something that makes people feel something a bit more, Possibly promoting something more powerful such as a hectic atmosphere mainly because I feel like this is a more difficult thing to portray and I feel to challenge myself this would be great plus the fact it would be brilliant to go and photograph something slightly more unique and not so easy.
This only photograph I am very keen on is the “Old Vicarage” gate photograph, I think this is really colourful and reflects a small country village feel well.
I also think the van photograph quite interesting, It was an elderly gentlemen leaving the van and it almost felt like he was still going out and doing bits of labour work and had just been collecting in the front of his van, I just found it really interesting.


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