The Role Of Research

I wanted to do a post on the role researching and how my design process works with the research I perform. Every designers process is completely different so I wanted to think about really what mine is and why this works for me, What could I change to make my design process more effective.
With my research I feel as if I am gaining every device I can to make the best outcome possible, I will look at the problem from every angle and take a goos look at the topics that are linked to the project brief, I also like to look at anything that is already out there, this is not only so that I can try to make something unique but also because sometimes you need to understand the format of the piece you are trying to create. The first thing I always do when getting a brief is to pick one or a few key words in the brief or project title.
Even if I know what the words means this always helps me to understand how I can interpret this, I have always been into the practice of thinking of a project VERY broadly and then narrowing it down to get my final pieces.
This infographic I have found is very accurate to how my process works.
I feel this is something that is imperative to my design process, especially the research and development section because this gives you more grounds to create something interesting as you understand the project and also the type of work that you are gong to tackle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.47.30.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.47.49.png


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