Photography Plan

I have started to think about what environment I wanted to chose, I wanted to chose something very interesting. After looking at photography that I found inspiring I decided that it was more interesting when it had some atmosphere, I feel something like a perfect landscape shot or a clear as day sky was very generic and also I didn’t find it as interesting as some other imagery I found, I found the rustic looking street picture and the misty looking mountains a lot more interesting that other imagery. This has made me consider if you could take this further.I decided I wanted to think about how I could develop this and create something that was really interesting and unique and also something that felt really atmospheric and personally felt like something more less “perfect” makes an audience feel a bit more.These are the places I thought off.I personally think London is a very interesting place (inspired by the trip to docklands), I think everyone has a different outlook on London and there are a lot of different aspects waiting to be explored parks, big city, shopping,offices and history also something I thought about was old London and the old trades that used to exist and are still around today from years back. I personally find the hustle and bustle of the London markets an amazing atmosphere and they are a real tourist attraction / historic well known part of London, There is the meat and fish markets which are really atmospheric, lots of shouting, bartering, different ethnic backgrounds and rushing around. I also think this is interesting because it shows a different time during the day, a time people don’t usually see, We go up to the market at 2 o’clock in the morning and everyone is already up and going (even in the dark) not only is this really interesting as its before everyone else is awake the atmosphere driving through London is very strange, Its dark and you can see all the flashing lights at  the top of the building, Maybe it would be interesting to portray a side of London not many people see.
Another one from this list I would be very interested in trying is an antique or jumble shop, You feel like you are in the middle of lost little treasures and this is something I find really interesting.I also thought about the normal things such as woods, forests, parks, lakes,sunrise etc.
As per my usual design process I will take a lot of imagery and then choose some and reject some and work out the cream of the crop for my final pieces.
Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 18.50.00.png


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