In The Woods

I actually was really happy with the outcomes of this although again wish it was slightly brighter but hey, Its England.
I really love the blue bells, The colours poping out of the green grass and dark wooded areas. The sad thing was that this is the woods not far from my house and unfortunately upon arrival realised they have been cutting some down recently which is not great but I made the most of the logs on the floor and in stacks and am actually quite happy with the way they photographed. I really like the image of the blue bells with one white one and I feel like this could look really great on a double page spread, Especially with some type over the top as it is simple yet does send a message and communicated clearly but again feel like this is very generic and it was one of my first thoughts and this is not something I’m always happy to do, I know its difficult to come up with something completely new but I would at least like to try.


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