Editorial Design and Inspiration




  1. “relating to the commissioning or preparing of material for publication:

    “the editorial team”

    After reading this something I really want to consider with my design is to insure it communicated as clear as possible.

I am researching some double page spreads as I wanted to get an idea of what made them effective and what worked nicely.The first thing I researched was Double Page Spreads with Photography, I did this because I wanted to see how these 2 elements worked in conjunction with each other, I also wanted to see how the layout would work with 2 Double page spread, I feel as if this is something I important to consider as I want them to be consistent and cohesive with each other so I will try to look at the consistency of pages so that I can apply this to my own work.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.23.26.png

I think these double page spreads are really interesting , Its almost something that full fills the brief I am currently working on, Not only because it is on an environment but because I feel it is very cohesive and the 2 spreads really work well together, I feel this is done by the black and white and grey theme, with photography because only black and white and the rest of the type etc being grey and sepia tones, I wouldn’t tend to put a mix of black and white and colour images I would always do one or the other.
I think the piece is very effective because it has an atmosphere, It feels slightly spooky and ere.I feel as if the formation of the type is really interesting that the columns have different lengths although think this is effective as it almost looks like they have tried to reflect the shape of the building in the image above with the line that the bottom of the type creates

DPS for variation .jpg

I chose to look at these examples as I said I think its really important for these pages to look good together and I think these pages are really good for that, It includes a lot of different pictures although they all fit together really well, This uses different environments and has got very different layouts, I love the way that the images bleed of the edge of the page, This is really effective because it makes it look modern and also as I said the pages look very good together and this is because of the simplicity, I feel the space is well designed.The type is done really well, its very polished and the body text works really well with the typeface used in the titles.
Something I am not to keen on is the black pages that are dotted between the white, In my opinion it completely breaks the project up although this may have been something the designer did intentionally to make these specific pages stand out, In which case this is a pretty clever idea and something that might be good if there was a page I wanted to highlight within my own design.I actually really like that the slightly less detailed parts of the photography is in the crease of the piece, This makes the DPS look more together and stops it from looking like to separate pages and more like one continuous design.

DPS 6 .jpg

This is a really effective double page spread, I feel this is successful because the type and lines to separate keep it very fluid and means that everything fits together nicely.The boarders are really effective as it draws your eye to that the middle of the page and captures the attention of the image. I also really like the type across the middle of the pages, This is quite an unusual thing to see as this specific piece of type runs across the middle of the 2 pages which means it runs across the crease in the 2 pages, This is not something that is usually done with type in design, It has always been a place in the page designers have avoided until recently when they have started placing images across this section but usually would still be the least detailed part of the image, Im not sure weather this is something Im keen on although I like the idea of putting type across, I think I would improve this design by insuring that in designing and printing the type was in such a position that the crease fell between a space in the words.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 15.21.20.png

Although this example is one that is a single double page spread it inspired me because it demonstrates how you can show creative work in the double page spread, This is because a lot of the ones I have shown have a photograph, a simple type face and a caption and usually some set type in columns. I really like this example, Its slightly more creative but still modern and clean.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.25.11.png

This double page spread really inspired me, It uses a mix of photography and illustration which is not something you see very often but it is really nice, Although it is not clean and simple like the other examples I have researched it looks really interesting and works really nicely with the type on the side, this also means you not do need so much body text as the illustrated imagery makes for a more informative image so you can gain more information without reading the body text.This is something I am really keen on trying for my final piece.


This research was intended to gain a real idea of how I could create my final piece.The Double page spreads I have been finding effective through out my research so far have been very clear,cohesive and had a flow weather this is through colour, type , imagery themes or layout I would like to insure that everything is really fitting and clear in my final.Something that became very apparent was that a lot of the double page spreads that use the photography as one of the elements keep it very simple with the amount of type they use and also the choice of the type face. The layouts can be very simple and traditional and some of them can be extremely modern and quite out of the box. 
I would like to try and combine the elements I think are successful from this research and try and avoid things I think do not work.This is what the intention of the research, I just wanted to get to grips with what was already out there compared to what I wanted to create.


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