It was a lovely sunny day in London with drizzles of rain hitting every so often but that almost added to the atmosphere.
We hoped on the DRL from Canary Wharf and got to docklands, The first sight of the crystal is majestic , especially on a sunny day as the light reflects of every diamond like face of the magnificent building.

Something I did think about was using the trip and the environments of the docklands as my theme for my projects.I felt as if the water, high-rise buildings along with the interesting elements such as the cable cart gives enough elements to document this as an environment.I am really happy with the images I got although I feel there is so many elements that it is hard to make the piece look cohesive whilst doing the environment justice so I think it is a good idea to either choose one element of this and separate the best element off into one double page spread.
After walking round docklands we took a trip back to the o2 on the cable cart, This was brilliant as we managed to fit a few different environments into one day, The cable cart was brilliant to get to see a different aspect of London.
These are the images I gained which I have sectioned of into separate environments.

Docklands & The Crystal 

I was really happy with these images although half way through the weather got slightly more glum, it was nice that it was slightly rainy but it did get a bit dark therefore some of the images look slightly drowsy but remembering that these are raw images and that I will be editing these and I can make them look slightly brighter, I feel as if this is a pretty ordinary environment to photograph, I feel like something more specific might work better.

I am REALLY happy with these pictures, Once I started taking pictures with the water in the background I managed to get an angle where by you could see you clouds in the background, I think this was really interesting, I then go a nice image where the sun was just glaring in the water and it looked really interesting so I managed to find that angle again and realised it almost looked like a moon in a night sky because the water looked black and the ladder looked as it was a night sky you could climb into, I felt this image was really interesting, The fact that this is an environment but it portrays something completely opersite to what it really is, makes it more interesting.

2016-04-15 10.25.21

From this research I have come to terms with the fact that I need to chose a tight theme not an overall large place, It is better to have it bit more specific.I have also concluded that the weather can really add an ambience to the imagery.

Cable Cart

Although the weather was a bit glum and it was darker than I would have liked for my images the cable cart got some really unique photographs.I actually really like the way that some of the photos have the rain drops as the focus and the skyline is almost frosted out in the background and makes you look further into the image to discover what it is, Layout wise this might be interesting to lay type over, skylines and landscapes are brilliant for this so might be something I need to consider for my final.


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