Camera and lighting 

Having decided that I will use my Nikon D3200 for my photography for this piece I decided to try and do some research and make some decisions about how I would photograph my work, I have decided I would use these 2 lenses for my experimentation.
The first lense (left) is a zoom lense and has a very long zoom and can give you very close up detailed imagery.
The second lense has an ok zoom although doesn’t give you so much detail also with the smaller lense you cannot focus it manually, it focuses automatically, this may be slightly difficult when it comes to wanting to focus on different things in one shoot, the camera will automatically decide where you will focus.

The larger lense not only have a light defuser but has a manual focus on it so means I can focus better on detailed up close images!

This is something I will need to decide on when I have got my topic and environment I will be photographing, something I will also need to think about when choosing my environment, will it have good lighting? Although you would think ok but the camera has flash but you do not get such a good image using flash.

This image shows one with flash and one without which clearly shows that firstly you do get better detail from a non flash image and also colour accuracy is much better, this is something that I feel is important because portraying a cirtain environment you want colours to be perfect otherwise it may not communicate exactly how you wanted it too.



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