Inspiring Photography

I wanted to have a look firstly at “Environment Photography” to gain an idea of what was already out there and to inspire me how I could use this to make my work different from what is already out there. I want to create something really unique and interesting. Something I really want to focus on is making something unique that makes the audience feel something and really portrays the atmosphere of the environment I choose to portray and also try and make sure the ambience of the environment show through really clearly.

Environment Photography

So I think a very obvious thing to think of when you here environment is nature. Here are some examples of some nature photography that I feel would work nicely for this project.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.31.45.png

Landscapes work really nicely for things like double page spreads and also to put type over the top.I really like this photograph as I feel it has used the fogged over effect to work well with the frosty, mountain themes.I feel this personally gives me the feeling of that sort of cold environment and the foggy texture reminds of when you breath out and get that foggy effect. This also has got a cold bluey coloured filter over it I think. Using sepia tones will aways make an environment look very warm and sunny where as the colder colours such as blues and frosty white filters will cool down an image but with the snow topped mountains in the background of this image it makes me feel as if this is really effective for this image and it means you understand this environment more that you would by just showing the image therefore I feel by editing the imagery it can be really effective and portray the vibe of the environment better.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.32.30.png

This is another image that shows a natural environment, I feel this gives a very magical and fairytale like theme that a lot of people could find nostalgic. I really love the way this is shot. The shot is taken from slightly below eye level and creates a really nice perspective, I really like that the ground is at the for front of the image therefore highlighting the time of year because of the red fallen leaves and looks rather damp therefore a different environments, this has inspired me to think more about seasons and how this might work by representing how different seasons change environments.


This is more of a city/urban environment. The narrow street with the large metal extraction pipes making  it look very urban and industrial although I really like the way the blossom is coming out of the side of the image gives that natural feel as well. I also like the fact that this image is slightly different from other city scapes I have seen as usually they are predominantly grey and black and this scape has reds and pinks which are nice as a highlight, The image also feels lifted and happy by seeing the lights and also the sun gleaming slightly through the end.Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.31.26.png

 I think this photograph is particularly atmospheric, I like the way you can see the structured architecture in the background and then this is contrasted with the large circle of light, Again I really think this is an effective piece because it is very atmospheric and makes you feel a warm environment.


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