Environment Project


“The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.”

I feel for this project for me it is important chose something with some sort of atmosphere and that makes the audience feel a certain way. I feel as if having read the definition of this it means that it will make it more broad, As this is a slightly longer projects I have decided to be very thorough with me design process.My process has always been to insure I get loads of research together and have a broad choice of ideas and then refine the ideas to get some finals and then choose the best of the finals I get from this process.
This means getting the research together for this project it will be about photography, layout design, double page spread design after I feel as if I know enough then from that research starting to experiment for this project it would be things like photography, Drawings to work out my layout choices and also mock ups of the final its self to give me some options. When it comes to photography I think the best way of doing it is taking lots and lots and doing some accept and reject and work out what ones would not work and what ones would work well.For this project we were told that we had to take all new imagery instead of using existing imagery we had already photographed so I have been thinking about trips I could take and interesting places I could go and photograph but think its best to start of by looking at different photography techniques and other peoples photography that I am interested in.


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