Sketches – Icon Ideas

These are very rough sketches so that we had something to follow, Sam from our group is good at idea development and good at making things clear so she came up with a list of icons we could include into our poster. We decided to try and show the things that a designer needs to think about when deciding if the will do a job.The ideas we came up for when it came to decision making was that we should be thinking about
Environment – This is something we should consider so that we can insure we keep an eye on the fact that actually we use a lot of paper, ink and other products that are not great for the environment.
Money – Something that is imperative for a designer is to remember that this is our job and not that we are not jut working because its something we enjoy, We cannot risk not being able to pay our mortgage just because of not agreeing with a job.
Consequences – This one covers a lot of different bases and that is why I think this is a really good idea to include this in, It is very varied and has a lot under one title so I feel this would work nicely.
Social Impact – We need to think about this because the work we create will not only be seen by the eyes of our target audience.For example if we were advertising for a strict weight loss diet this may be good for someone who health is in danger due to there weight and this would be your target audience but these adverts will be on television before water shed and also at other times when it is more than accessible to a young easily influenced teenage girl, this is part of the reasons for eating disorders and cosmetic surgery because this sort of advertisement will provoke a reaction and be seen by a lot more people weather we like it or not.
Time – This one is related to money because taking our time to create work, we have to be paid effectively to enable us to make it worth our time, also we need to remember that if a large job comes in that could be a lot of money but they want it done in one week and want 4 separate leaflets, this is not easy, this could ruin your reputation because you don’t get the work done.We also found that a well known manifesto in design which said that designers should donate 10% of there time to a chosen charity, this is something we wanted to portray.
Footprint – Same as environment but we felt this may make for a more understandsble for our audience so show about your echo footprint as this is something people have become familiar with since global warming etc has been such a big issue.
Photo manipulation – This is something I researched and was already aware of as you will see in my previous posts.This is something I definitely wanted to include.
Reputation – Reputation is imperative for a designer. Not only is word of mouth a brilliant way to get work but you will need to create precision and also a standard of work with everything for your portfolio and also because most of the work you create will be somewhat in the public eye and this will be something that is important for people to be impressed by, this also means insuring you are following ethical standards and time scales and deadlines are hit.
Integrity – This is similar to your reputation, you have to balance what you are doing as a designer with what you believe in/the morels you have in your own life.
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.38.49.png

This list shows how we will visualise the icons to gain the understanding we wanted from our audience.

Environment – Tree, Leaf , Footprint
Money – Pound sign (this project is for a British audience) – Piggy bank,bank notes
Consequences – Skull and cross bones ,Thumbs down sign
Social Impact – People, small family, chain of people holding hands
Time – clock, alarm clock,clock hands.
Photo manipulation – Camera , photoshop sign.
Reputation – Trophy, rosette, medal.


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