Case Study & Ethics Considerations


You have been making a name for yourself designing stylish packaging in a very organic style for health foods and vegan products.A firm has approached you to do some packaging for them.They are an egg business that produces “barn eggs”.They want your style because it will con customers into thinking they are natural and free

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 20.22.07.png


What would I do??

So taking into consideration that this is something that a lot of people are aware of and passionate about it is not a good idea for you reputation to create this design.Also for your own moral good you need to think about if barn eggs are something you agree with personally but the question is, if this is a well paid job can you afford to not do it and what impact would it have you on you in your personal life and would you make these sacrifices so that you can design more ethically.


A local car firm asked you to design some adverts for them.They have supplied an image that would be considered very sexist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 20.23.18.png

What Would I Do?

Again this is something very personal.Is this something you agree with, Who would this impact and also why is it sexist.For jobs like this depending on how well paid they are and how much benefit they could have to you but personally I would not jump straight in and say no, I am very feminist personally although I do believe that some things that are deemed “sexist” are not, I think it is heavily over thought and sometimes you have to do some research before jumping to conclusions and turning down good work.
Personally I think of myself as quite a good negotiator and think that its one of my strengths so I would do a lot of research to back my point (statistics, Definitions etc) and speak to the client and explain that there is a safer way of doing it.


You have been offered a well-paid job to design a glossy catalogue for a London fashion firm that mainly deals in fur garments and fur trimmed coats.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 20.25.17.png

What Would I Do?

I personally DO NOT agree with the use of fur at all although I do know its still unfortunately a pretty big business, If this is a well paid job then it means it is probably with a rather large company this means it is going to be something very wide spread to other potential clients, I feel that the money you would make for the project would definitely not be worth a wide spread and well known reputation for not having ethics and morals in you design,Fur is something that a lot of people, celebrities and other designers and this sort of black balling is not worth the money, It could ruin your whole design reputation and all for something you did not agree with in the first place.


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