Social Impact

When it comes to social impact in design we are talking about the fact that we design for alcohol, cigarette and other unethical campaigns that should not be promoted to people and that also children see so we are promoting in there heads from a young age that things like this are correct. A lot of designers will also not think when they are designing advertising campaigns for companies that deal with fur production, Barn eggs and even animal testing these are some things that arise within design careers and that we just do not think of.
Another thing within this that has massively been bought to attention in social media and press at the moment is body image, this is something that a lot of designers would promote as we constantly want something to look “stylish” and “beautiful” meaning that photoshopping and photo manipulation has become something of a norm in design.This is something that has become very prominent with campaigns etc.

This video shows the drastic amount that imagery is changed and that the beauty expectations being forced onto us  means that within our work we are helping to promote


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