Colour Scheme & Type Decisions

Colour Scheme
In a group we decided that we wanted to use a grey colour along with a pop of colour,We though a pop of bright colour would add a bit of fun to the piece, although this piece was for corporate use it is in a creative arts magazine and it is for designers so I feel you have abit of freedom when it comes to it being to corporate,I think its good to make it slightly creative and fun.I really think something that would be good to use is green although this is a very obvious choice when it comes to ethics so possibly it will be better to use colours that complemented this but where not so obvious,When speaking we decided we wanted a based colour,a pop of colour and another colour to compliment these to add another element. This is something we will decide in the group meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 19.46.17.png

Type Choices

I started of by grabbing lots of type faces and had a really good look at all of the fonts I thought might work, I looked at things that I thought suited the Ethics theme and also some that suited the design theme.This was slightly difficult as I could find a lot of interesting typefaces although some of them where very detailed so I went back to my research to take a look at what was in excising infographics and I realised that my gut feeling was correct and that I think it should be something really simple and modern,I feel this will work better firstly because it is meant to be a corporate piece for designers to follow and also because infographics can be very busy and include a large hit of information (hopefully visual information) therefore I feel this should be something simple and legible, I wanted to find something with good leading, kerning and spacing as for a design community audience this will be something that will be noticed very easily.
I think we should decide on a simple san serif to insure that the graphics in our infographic has maximum impact and is not over crowded.

Types .jpg



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