Topics/Issues within design ethics

As a group we decided we would go of and do some good research, this would then give us the basics to be able to go back and get the ideas together as a group.
We new we wanted to come up with a plan for what topic we would focus on, as this was a series of posters with creative review we thought it would be nice to have a series of different issues within ethics in the Computer Arts magazine.
I think it was important to explore a lot of issues and then decide what one we would chose. We needed to find something that we could gain a lot of scope on, something we could find good stats on and also insure that its something we are all passionate about.

IMG_0893.jpgThe first thing I did was to make this mind map, this was from my own knowledge and also from going through the internet to find out what issues there actually are within design ethics, this would also help me to think about as a designer how I would react personally to the morels and ethics in my career.

Some of the topics that came up in our initial chat when we got the brief was things such as
Using to much paper
Ink issues
Designing for unethical practices (fur company, Barn eggs, Battery chickens etc.)
Working for free because people think its a hobby rather than a career, we still have to make a living.
Over charging for our work.
Plagiarism and taking other artists work.
I want to do some research into these issues and then when we get together as a group we will choose a topic for our poster.


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