Ethics In Design


  1. moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity:

    “medical ethics also enter into the question”

  2. the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

    “neither metaphysics nor ethics is the home of religion”

Having researched the definition and started to understand the broad definition of ethics I have concluded that not only in design but in every aspect of our lives we use ethics to determine the decisions we make.
This is in our everyday life but also in our careers and being that designers have to make a living we need to consider the morels we chose to have in design and chose how we decide to live as designers.With ethics our morels are based primarily of the ideologies we have in our own lives this means that ethics can be extremely subjective and people have different ways of looking at things such as if you have been brought up from a young child as vegetarian you would have a different view on designing for a meat company that someone who has been brought up to think that eating meat is a normal idea.

In this post I wanted to speak about some of the things I try to think about when I realise a design or think about the designer I will become in the future.I think we should consider these things when becoming designers.

Firstly the impact we are having on other people and also for younger people, we should except that as designers we have a large responsibility for a mass amount of people seeing our work and will take a lot of what we say as fact.Design is the reason that smoking and drinking is so popular, Designers for years have created advertising that made both of these things cool and stylish, only very recently it has become illegal to make positive advertisement for smoking but this is not yet the case with Alcohol.

Designers and advertisers for years used celebrities, sexualised women and popularity to advertise cigarettes and incise an audience to start smoking or buy cigarettes, this was not only adults that saw these posters, billboards and TV adverts this was anyone including children.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.24.54.png

Alcoholism is a very big issue in the UK today although this is not something we are changing, alcohol adverts are on television when any young adult could be watching and very easily influenced.
Alcohol has been made to look glamorous, fashionable and high end which makes it very appealing for people entering there adult years which can then result in addiction to the feeling of being drunk, the adverts are not as frequent as they once were although it is still something thats very popular. Drinks such as beer and lager are advertised as being manly, having images of men together listening to music and watching telly and having down time and drinking beer. They also include images of sexualised women to make it seem as if you live to a standerd of a “lad” if you drink beer and it makes you a man.

This is also the same for things such as champagne and such, it promotes a glamorous, celebrity like lifestyle and also a lot of high end alcohol companies make it seem as if it is an art, especially in wine and other expensive alcoholic products such as this advertisment for grey goose.


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