New Brief – Ethics

So today we got our new brief.This is a group project which we have been delivered over the easter break, I personally think this is a good thing for designers, not every brief you receive will be feasible alone therefore you need to be flexible and be able to work well in groups.The task is to conduct research to educate ourselves on ethics in design and create a poster to educate other designers about ethics in design.
We had to create groups of 4 therefore I am with Sam, Sarah and Laura.
We had a group meeting to start us of and get an idea of how we could create this project, we decided we would play to our strengths.
We knew that Sam had good experience when it came to typography and that me and Laura where well equipped when it came to  digital design and illustration and Sarah is really good at information design and can insure that the work is portrayed well and that we have the correct laws and information when it comes to this project.
So this is what we decided our jobs would be.
We have one week when we arrive back at college and this is when we will insure everything is finished effectively.
Me and laura will work closely to insure that the illustration is suiting and fits together nicely.The poster has to be A2 and is a pull, with our discussion we thought possibly we could section the poster off where the folds would be to avoid any issues with the folding of the paper, we decided we didn’t want any important information in the creases so this is something we definitely wanted to consider.


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