For this brief we were asked to research for, plan and build a working website to promote ourselves as designers insuring that we also build up a good knowledge of digital media and what forms it came in. I started of by conducted a lot of research on other designers and design agencys websites and also looked at forms of digital media that are popular, I looked at why these forms are so popular and investigated how it may have hailed the audience. Looking at things like pinterest which is very similar to a portfolio site as it presents a lot of work done by creatives, I felt like upon using this the layout felt familiar and easy to navigate by scrolling down and have the work appear with a small caption underneath, with pinterest the theme is very clever as it looks like polaroids and you can pin them to your board there for making it seem slightly more lifelike that a usual website.
I took inspiration from this when creating the plans for my website.I wanted to have my pieces displayed in a grid form that you can scroll down and they load as you scroll, I wanted to include a small caption underneath explaining the work, this has also made it very simple for me to add work as I go without having to change layout or coding.

Having looked at Pearl Fishers site it gave me inspiration to make my webpage more imagery/work based than creating something that was wordy and lengthy, I insured even my about page was imagery based and the same with the contact page.
I decided to make my website in Wix, Although I had given WordPress a go with the time we had I felt I could create something of a higher quality and easier to make something that would have no glitches and would be easy for the audience to see.
I think this is something that definitely hails an audience as it means that they can use the website quickly and effectively however it was important for me to add a  small caption to insure that there was some information on the origin of the pieces as it would be awfully confusing for some of the pieces to understand how it will be used.
A few of the pieces on my site are illustrative and heavily more of a fine art piece,I wanted to include this to almost show im not a “one trick pony” and to show that I can create flexible work but still sticking some what to style I create which is something modern and slick and in some cases slightly abstract.I feel it is important balance to have in your work to have some sort of style but also to insure that you work looks flexible and looks as if you can create work that fits different audiences and projects without steering to far away from how you like to design.Something that was also very important to me when designing my site was not to have to much distraction from the work. I had a feeling that a busy header and decorative typefaces would distract from the work and I think this is probably a common thought in designers as the websites that I felt were effective were the most simple ones where the work was the main element in the website.
I used a very simple and minimalist type face and a simple box in the grey and white colour scheme I chose for my website, I encompassed this within a really simple box shape just to make it more noticeable and to separate it from the rest of the page. After seeing the header itself I thought it all looked a bit to washed out and although I was going for simple I still wanted my website to make an impact,I also felt that the first webpage didn’t have enough direction and felt as if people would not know to scroll down as the first thing you see was the header. I decided to add a bright blue – green arrow underneath, I did this but keeping to the theme used the most simplistic shape I could, I strived to create something that was very directional and navigable but also still very simple and effective, reflecting my style of design.I then went on to create the other pages in the same style and I applied the same header to every page to keep a common theme and good continuity through out.
I also made a continuos effort to use symbols more than words and letter, especially for the contact page, I did this because having researched into app icons and other modern digital media I decided that consumers are more likely to understand an icon, Also being that graphic design and photography are both visual things I thought it was very important that I consider how it would be used and portrayed by the consumer and this makes it more accessible to people who find it hard to understand a lot of wordy buttons.I have also included buttons to link straight to my social media pages,Where by I will make social medias that include my design work. This is a brilliant type of digital media for designers, Its a good way to get your design circulating and get work, It is also a good way to hail your audience as people will link in and out with the buttons and links to see your whole portfolio and possibly contact you for work.
In regards to the accessibility of my site I wanted to section my portfolio of to make it more simple for my audience to navigate. I will have sections to separate Advertising,Branding,photography and then just full portfolio this will again make it easier for an audience to move there way around the website and see only what they are interested in.
I am really happy with my final website, I think it fulfils the brief effectively and works really well. It is clear, effective and I feel it has a really nice flow from page to page.I have done research into digital media and also social media as I feel these are both extremely important to understand as a designer with the up and coming digital age, it means we keep up to date and modern as designers.


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