I created these thumbnails firstly to get an idea of what pages I wanted to include and secondly to insure I had a plan to look back on when knowing what I need to do.
As you can see I plan on using categories to separate my portfolio.I made this decision based on my research of other website where by I found it to hail an audience more effectively by insuring that a website is very easily navigable.I also felt as if this really made sense in regards to new clients as I feel most clients know what work they are looking to get done so it gives them an opportunity to look at the work with the same nature of work as the project they want completed.

(scan 3)

I will be sectioning mine of as
Branding and Full portfolio.

(scan 5)

As a spin to my website I wanted to include some of my own photography, This was because I wanted to portray that everything I create is all bespoke and that for advertising I will complete the photography and not use stock images.I feel this gives an advantage on other designers as most people (especially bigger companies) want something very bespoke and different that there competitors cannot have access to.


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