I have been trying to use muse to create a template for my website and see how I felt about it so I tried to create just a simple front page.The main reason I decided to give it ago was because I felt like I could not get an original and bespoke website with muse as you work of a preset template.

First of all I made a plan for the site with the “new site” tab on muse.
I then selected the different pages I wanted to create sections to my portfolio as this is a good way to insure it is easily navigable, this also gives the audience an easy way to look at just the work they are interested in and I feel fills out my website more.
This was inspired by the research I conducted into the studio websites.
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 17.50.22.png

I then went on to create the elements that would stay on every page, such as the header and footer, This is gone on the A Master page, this means it will be on every page, this will also count for the buttons although I will have to set it to change on each page so that you can see what page you are on.
For things like buttons there is something called widgets library which is pre-set buttons that you can input into the website, the thing I found with these is that you can edit them to basically fit exactly what you want.I have put this onto the a master to make sure that they stay in the same position on each page and then you just link them to the pages they are for.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.17.33.png

The buttons collaborate themselves with the page you have made there for you have a button for each page.This is a good feature as it simplifies putting the buttons on.
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.28.42.png

After now having a look and finding some features in muse I think I have decided that its best to do my website in wix.
I have made this decision as looking at final pieces they are not to different and muse is going to create more clean, and polished design that is easier for an audience to use.
I think using muse will take up extra time to create something with the same quality.


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