Photographing For Digital Media

Carter Wong

I wanted to pay some attention to how my work was photographed and how it was presented in the site as I feel this is very important for the audience to see the work clearly and insure that your work conveys the message you want to show to potential clients.

I have started to look at how design companies use the presentation of there work to portray the message they are looking for.
This one below is from Carter Wong, I found this very interesting as they keep the website simple although use bright colours in the photography of there pieces, They use individual colours to insure it is complimentary to the piece itself.
I think this is a really nice idea as it means that the pieces look like individual artworks and insures that you can see that do a wide range of work which would hail a potential client as they would understand that the can get what they want from the design company.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.25.11.png

Pearl Fisher

This is the photography I have seen on the pearl fisher website, firstly I have noticed that I really like the fact that all the work is close and has no lines between all of pieces of work, I also really like that the photography of the imagery is close up and does not have the whole thing. I like the fact that this shows the small details which is the parts that means most to the designer and also to the consumer so I feel this is a good thing to show.I like the way that all of the designs are shown on mock ups instead of just flat artworks so this is definitely how I will consider presenting my work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.18.39.png


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