Digital Media Comparisons


Photography is a massive part of digital media not only for graphic designers but for the average consumer, with inventions such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook where by people share photos as memories with there friends and it gives us the freedom to use our regular smart phones to take brilliant photography.
I wanted to start right at the beginning where this starts and compare the quality and ease of using the means of photography we have now.I decided to start of with non-digital photography to give me an idea of how different digital is and why we use it now.
Looking at polaroid photography it is going way back and has been around years although this is very limited for someone like a designer, photographer etc.Firstly having been privileged enough to have digital photography we realise now that this fulfils a need for being able to transport our photography from computer to computer, this is something we did not have with the polaroid image, this simply prints out a minimum quality image that is in a small frame, you shake it and the colour develops onto film.Knower days polaroids are just for personal use and are not used professionally as they are very expensive to buy and also you cannot use them in different medias only in print.



Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 18.35.16.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 19.37.33.png

DSLR Camera

This is a raw (unedited) photo I took with my nikon DSLR camera on holiday. It is a larger camera which shoots at 24mp.I personally love my DSLR, the photo quality and detail is brilliant, it is great at dealing with bad lighting and creates lovely imagery.It picks up colour almost perfectly and I love the way it gives you a huge and good quality image as this could be used for anything from posters to billboards which means it also look brilliant on screen so perfect for web design.It is pretty easy to get onto other devices as it is all stored on my SD card which I can put straight onto my laptop and download my full res images.


Having looked at these comparisons I have realised how my camera is probably the best option for my website although it is easy and convient to be able to run my social media of my iPhone.
This has also shown me how important it is to make something easily navigable for audiences as my favourite means of photography are the ones that I can use quickly and conveniently without fussing so I think this would be the same with websites and branding, audiences do not want fuss for hours trying to work out if they want to us you as a designer, they want to look at your best work and decide if you are right for the job therefore I feel this has shown me that I need to make it really simply designed and navigable for potential customers.


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