Inspiring Design Work

Why do you like it find it inspiring?

This is a piece of work from the Pearl Fisher website that I previously analysed.I feel this work is very effective I like the colour scheme and the layout, this is a brilliant thing to add to your portfolio as it hails audiences by realising you have worked for a large company that is well respected and well known. I really like the colours of this and feel it works really nicely. I like the fact that it is still cohesive although using very different colours, this uses colours that I would not tend to think of using some of these colours together such as the green with the yellow.I like the simple and slick finish of this and think it works really well.

What is the message/purpose of the piece?

This is a range by Waitrose that is more considered with healthy living etc.
I think this is a really modern and clever way of using colour to connote this, the bright and happy colours show give and happy and revitalised feel, especially the use of green.I really like the fact that she hasn’t used green as a predominant colour as I feel this is too typical, It would make it very similar to other brands like this and I think Waitrose probably wanted something slightly different and unique to represent there brand very well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.49.49.png

Who is the audience and HOW does it hail the audience?

I feel by using bright colours this contrasts some of the work they have shown on the website, this would show an audience that the company can achieve a wide range of styles of work.
I feel this design would work really well in the packaging, I feel this would catch your eye in the shop especially because health food and healthy lifestyles is become more and more fashionable and sort after.

In what ways would you say it is innovative (if it is) OR why is it appropriate for this piece to use traditional conventions?
By using the grey colours that are fashionable in design at the moment but also combining these with bright colours that give it a bit of a pop looks good.I like the use of the italic font with the serif fonts.I love the photography in these pieces.Usually when it comes to food photography it is very plain colours and kitchen back drops, it is very different by using colourful backgrounds I personally would not have thought to do this, I wouldn’t had thought it would work but I really like it, She has used the colours of the food as a design element pairing the colours to work nicely with the background and it makes for a really vibrant eye catching and interesting final branding and design.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.04.05.png

Outline the signifiers and how they tell you anything about the signified meaning – look at things like messages, narrative, quality, hailing and anything else that you deduce.

I feel this piece targets to signify healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.I feel the bright colours connote this and also using bright coloured foods to compliments these colours work nicely.I really like the photography of this piece and the way that pearl fisher enables for these bright coloured projects to be included into her website is by using a VERY simple layout and design for the webpages themselves, this is something I want to consider as it makes the sight the highlight of the piece.
I feel this hails an audience to want to eat healthier by using a variation of foods to make it appear more of an appealing idea.
I feel that incorporating brilliant photography, type and design it makes a really high quality look of the piece.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.04.22.png

Would you say that this designer or design company has a recognisable style – if so describe why this is, or say why this is not the case.

I feel pearl fisher has a more adaptable style and looking at her work she is very flexible to fit how the client wants the work, this could be because it is an agency rather that one person therefore it means theres a few different designers working on pieces although I do think theres a very simple and modern style throughout.

Cawston Press

Why do you like it find it inspiring?

I find this packaging inspiring because I feel the watercolour like imagery and the type.
This stacked type is very fashionable at the moment and I really like the blocky type.I also feel this is the perfect mix between modern and organic looking design.
I think the mock up on the bottles is really effective mainly because it is constant and shows the layout the bottles would be on the shelf and I feel like the very simple mock ups on a white background work best to showcase you design work.

What is the message/purpose of the piece?

This is a brand and a bottle design and I feel it does go with a modern yet organic looking feel there for having a use to draw in consumers, I feel with packaging design you have to take into consideration that this will need to stand out over other products on a shelf with a lot more products.The way this stands out is by having the large bold type and title and also bright and eye-catching colours.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 16.20.46.png

Who is the audience and HOW does it hail the audience?
This hails the audience by having a healthy look by using a prominent green colour and also by including the large fruit, this is something that makes an audience interested as this is something very new and upcoming in the market.I also feel as if the large looking packaging and bulky type makes it feel like a substantial product which makes it appealing because consumers like to feel as if they are getting more for there money.

In what ways would you say it is innovative (if it is) OR why is it appropriate for this piece to use traditional conventions?

I feel appose to other plain juice packaging with photographs of fruit and type this is a more illustrative look and also using a type based theme which is not very common for this type of packaging although it is very fashionable in design at the moment.


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