Signifiers Of Graphic Design


After doing my research on Graphic Designers something they relate to themselves and in some cases include onto the websites is computers (mainly macs) this is mainly because most of the work we see in industry knower days is very heavily digital, This is definitely something I want to promote because a lot of my work is digital and also because this will hail a different type of audience that are more interested in digital work. I feel this may be a good way of presenting yourself as a designer although I think I would like to present myself as something creative and slightly more unique than other designers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.07.52.png

Paint splatter

A paint splatter is a good way to present yourself as a designer, This is a signifier for creativity and unique work. I really like the way that they look very unique and all paint splatters are slightly different, I feel like its almost like a signature.I also feel like it might be cool to add some sort of handwriting of mine on there to personalise it.I could do this in one colour to have a pop of colour in my monochrome colour scheme.
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.32.35.png

Developing this idea I think that it would look slightly to messy and distracting to have a massive ink splat across the website would distract from the work.I am very keen on this idea but I also feel as if there are a lot of other signifiers to this. I think this does demonstrate a less digital designer although I do feel as if this was neater it could connote more a neat and would connote fresh new creative design better.


I feel showing a brief would make the audience feel more included in the design process. A lot of designers just show there final outcomes and there most polished work on there website which I can completely understand although I feel there is something to be said for letting the audience experience the design process with you.
This can still be done by putting your best work up.I think I would like to put some of my development sketches up but I feel it will be best for me to pick the best ones and the examples that look neat, I feel if I photography/scan these well it may work well.
I think showing the brief you received from the client is going slightly to far with the audience although you could connote to the design process in other ways such as the drawings and development imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.16.41.png


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