New Branding Development

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 17.22.06.png

This is the new branding I have started to create I like the idea of just using my first initial I feel it works nicely as it represents me as a designer and also gives the scope to broaden the company at a later date. I initially did this by calling it N Design but this seemed to generic and I felt it did not exhibit the individuality that I wanted to promote with my branding. I then realised that if I added the another N to the end of design the company could just still be called design but I could also have another N on the end to represent my first name.
I really like this typeface will be a good for my logo, it is really simple and san-serif and will work really nicely.
I have been using these stock images of the paint splatters as after looking at signifiers I felt like this might work really well, I want to use this as I feel there is a new assumption that all designers are purely  digital and I feel I want to connote a theme of he design process and using different mediums but will use this along side a modern digital typeface as a juxtaposition, I feel this will balance it out and create a simple yet effective final brand.
After thinking carefully and making these logos I think I would like to keep it really simple as for me I feel this is very effective although the splatter/ink handmade feel is something I would still like to include somewhere.


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