Infographic Inspiration

I found this infographic on Pinterest and felt it was extremely interesting and inspiring for my current project,I really like the layout of this and it was something I was interested in when researching my own poster ideas, It is much nicer to read when it is portrait, I really like the style of illustration style of this, It fits the theme really well, I like the fact that it makes light of a hard hitting and sad theme and also feel as if the cheery style.I like the use of a san-serif font to make it look clean and modern, I feel a san-serif font always works well for this type of work.
I think the use of small captions instead of large blocks of text works really well.
It breaks it up and creates a more image and icon heavy infographic which I think is a brilliant balance when it comes to infographics as they are meant to be very visual.
I really like the colour scheme as it is subtle and fits really nicely with the theme.

I really this like this example and like the way it is separated into different sections, I do feel as if this would have to be a huge poster as it has so many small elements and so I feel it would not be visible without it.I really like again the really simple title, I feel this is something I could use the same sort of simple type style to make it modern and simple.I think is quite a simple and good way of making a corporate poster but using a fun colour to spark it up slightly.The layout definitely looks like they may have used the rule of thirds but I think there must be a few of these layout grids in there from top to bottom and it is quite a large poster.
I also really like the colour scheme of this poster and think this is something that could work nicely.


I really like this infographic with the colour in the background picture being to only colours and the rest being reverse out.I really like the use of lines again to break up the information although I do feel this makes it harder to read.
I am really not keen of the positioning of the title, I feel this should be more clear and possibly at the top, This is because the title sets the scene and makes you see that first and I think this is something important.Because a British reader will always read left to right and top to bottom so I feel it should probably be in the top left corner or even top middle.I do really love the Icons and signers used to get that simple feel.
I really like the pie chats and the way the statistics are shown without being too boring and wordy.


I really really like the use of the circles this piece, I also feel the fact it is centre aligned is a really clear and makes you read the large bold title first and makes a perfect point of what the topic of the poster is.I really really  like the grey and black theme with a hint of colour through out.This is really effective and looks modern and gives you the opportunity as a designer to highlight important information and elements that you want to be seen with colours.
I really like the way that different parts of the circles are highlighted with different colours to show the story of the process, I also feel this makes a feel of the pie charts I have seen in other infographics, This could be a technique I could use to create a circles to put facts/statistics in.
I think I will have a play inspired by this and see if I can make something similar.


I REALLY like this layout, Im not to fond of the large centre hook and think that it is set out really effectively.
I really love the mixed colour scheme although something I am really not keen on is the black block at the top,I feel this is to harsh for the colour scheme around and I think that something lighter possibly still in the same font would have fit a lot nicer.



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