I have previously for 2 website projects I have done, I have created webpages for firstly myself to promote me as a design which I have shown in a previous blog posts.
I also created the one below which is to rent out a holiday villa in France, The brief was that they wanted something simple with a lot of imagery and wanted to use the colours that appeared in the front shutters of the house.
I chose the best colour to go with the shutters.
I kept it really simple by using a darker shade to insure that the button of the page you were on was a different colour. I just did it a slightly darker colour of blue, using a really simple san-serif font to keep it simple and clear I made a centred title. After creating this I assigned it to an appropriate web address.
A good  line at the bottom I feel gives an incentive to keep scrolling where by I have placed a description of the house (sent by client) and also included a series of my favourite images to place.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.32.42.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.32.56

This is quite a large property and the client specified that they wanted the webpages for each different part of the house and to have a small caption but mainly imagery so this is what I included.

I felt with Wix it gave me a really easy way to make a website and it insures all the buttons will work and I also felt it gives you the correct options and makes it much easier to create a website although it does cap how creative you can be to a certain extent mainly because you cannot make a website straight from you head, you have to use ones of the already existing templates which means that you can not create something as creative as if you could create it straight from your head, I feel as if for this project I am interested in trying to create something from scratch.


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