My Branding

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 14.26.32.png

Having started to think about how my branding we effect my webpage I have become aware that I don’t think I want to use the branding I have previously created.
I do like my branding and I do feel it is effective although I feel like it does not represent my work that I do now.I feel it represents the design work I created then.I want to create a slick and modern logo but keep it very simple, reason being that I think it is a very effective and fashionable device to use modernism. This will be a good technique to use as I want to promote myself not only as modern and up to date but also as flexible. Something I am keen to do is promote is that I work in different medias and create work that is creative whilst also promoting that I can create something that fills the needs of the client therefore I want to insure that my website is simple yet well-designed with a small hint of creativity.I feel I could do this by adding a small bit of texture, colour or maybe even introduce a more creative name to mine.
I have been inspired by the pentagram website to create a different name for my design company mainly because I think it helps to develop it as an agency from something that isn’t your name, Although the likes of pearl fisher and carter wong etc do use there name. I feel as if I could use my initials and this still might work and be slick and finished.
I have decided that I want my new branding to be simplistic and think I might try and keep it black, white and grey possibly a cream of white colour.I want to keep it very simple and focus on making it communicate clearly and for it to be very well navigated.


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