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Although this is an interior design website this is something Im quite interested in so I decided I wanted to take a look and see if I was inspired by the website, I feel this also uses a style of website that would be very appropriate for a graphic designer as it is very slick, plain and modern yet very well designed.
I really like the that the the images are different sizes as a lot of the boxes for other webpages are all the same shape and size meaning that the images are stretched into different shapes, I feel its very important in design to show the work ho you intended it to be shown during the process.I think the black and white colour scheme is extremely effective and works really nicely for this company, similar to graphic design I feel that interior is very subjective in style and taste this means that the website should either try to cater to all these tastes or show one very solid taste to attract a certain type of audience.
I love the branding for the website, I think its clever yet very slick and finished, It gives a minimalist feel which is very popular at the moment and makes the work seem modern and up to date.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 14.50.28.png

I am very keen on the line that appears underneath the name of the page you are on, this gives a really simple indication to the audience therefore making it easily navigable which is always hailing for an audience.I really do think this works nicely and fits well with the branding of the website, keeping to a monochrome scheme is a good idea especially in design as it gives the opportunity to use colour in the pieces you chose to exhibit on the site.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 14.55.07.png
The buttons are a good size and clear, the line underneath also helps the audience to understand that they are not just random words and shows you that you can actually click on them, this is important to define clearly to the audience.
I feel it is very good to include the social media logos that are also links, links out to different webpages are brilliant as people can subscribe, follow, add etc and this keeps customers involved and builds a more communicative platform for designers.
Design is one of these things that have fashions and things have to seem modern for people to want to be involved, Social media means people can keep up to date and keeps the company current and makes the audience feel more connected and interactive with the brand itself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 15.30.02.png

I really like this feature in this site, this is what happens when you scroll over a specific image in the gallery, It gives you to name and an option to click, I think this is really modern and different.I feel is important to have something change when you scroll over things on a website otherwise you would tend to realise it can be clicked on etc and you might make the audience miss something important that is vital to the communication of you piece.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 15.33.29.png
When you click on the tabs and buttons to go to different pages (the contact and about page) I feel the website layout is slightly strange, It is one long continuous page instead of separate pages, I don’t now how keen I am on this idea.When you press on the button the screen just scrolls itself down for you showing a small about section with this image and a VERY small contact section, I think when contact is such an important part of communicating with your potential customers and also that this is thing people will most look for this is slightly to brief and small, I also feel by having this layout it creates a strange hierarchy, It means that the contact information doesn’t feel important, It almost feels like it have been shoved at the bottom of the page making it therefore feel less significant than it should.I do feel this is a good way to have not have loading pages between each page as this should be a consideration and this is something that people would be turned of by when it comes to web design.

Bray Leino

I chose to include this website as I felt it was a contrast from everything else I have looked at and also because they do marketing as a part of there business there I thought it would be interesting to see how they marketed themselves as a company.It uses a bright colour and bold texture in the background and then uses this theme through out. The type of blue signifys a cool, calm feel and I feel the colour scheme is a good one as it looks professional and subtle.I actually really like the texture in the background I do not think it is distracting but feel this is something I will need to be careful of if I decided to have a texture/ background in my piece.
The subtle stroke marks in the texture connote creativity and look really effective.
I like the way the buttons are tabs appose to buttons and it slides down from the top.I think this gives good navigation as it insures there is some hint to what page you are currently on, I also think it is good to include some form of sub headings so that people can refine and see things they are looking with ease.
I find it very effective how they have included the subheading of featured clients and then included logos of these, This would be a good way of doing it as a designer as it is more visual and gives the audience a very quick way of looking at it.I feel this is a very important element of a website to insure I get right is the fact that people don’t have a lot of time knower days to sit and read about a company nor do they want to so I think its important to make the information very easily navigable and insure people can gain the information they want quickly and having a lot of visual elements that show you something quickly without having to read something really helps.
It is good to include captions or quotes as this is the sort of things people will read quickly and be interested in.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 15.50.29.png


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