My Existing Online Footprint

I already use digital media to create an online footprint promoting me as a designer. My webpage that is already existing, I like my webpage but I created it over 1 and a half years ago and there is a lot I would change now that I have furthered as a designer.
I feel that I have got the right idea with this and it does work as a website but I feel is very generic and I would like to focus on changing my branding slightly now I have more knowledge on the subject. My old website had a blog/homepage that exhibited my work and then a contact and about page.I kept it really simple and generic. I used my logo and branding to create a header that was recognisable (the grey lines around the NM logo are as set in preview mode). A very big portion of what I wanted to achieve was the connection with the social media sites, I had a link to a lot of social media pages where by I created different sites using the same recognisable branding and colour scheme.
I wanted to have this a s a heavily featured element in my old website, this was a new and upcoming thing and still to this day think its a brilliant way to hail an audience.
I created every social media I thought was appropriate including,


I linked these by using well recognised symbols as signifiers that where buttons for people to link them straight to the pages, I feel this makes an audience feel involved and up to date.
As you can see below my images of the work I had created where displayed in boxes and using quotes from famous designers and other influential people it hailed the audience by using the social status of these people.
I am happy with the colour scheme I have used although feel this could be reworked to become more effective, This is something I will look into.
I am not keen on the variation of fonts or the layout, these are all things I will try to recreate when I create my fresh webpages. I do not like the yellow that the button presents when pushed as I feel this is almost impossible to see what page you are on.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.07.31.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.08.50.png
For my contact page I made the deciton I wanted it to be simple,easily navigated and also fitting and cohesive with the rest of the website.I did this by using the same font and colour scheme, having looked back upon this now I feel that I would use a different font and also feel as if the block colour doesn’t work very well, the font is too thin and I do not feel like it works as its too thin with the blocky background, I wanted to look at this as felt it would be useful to look at what I already had out there and see how I might change this in the future now that I have more design skills and knowledge.
Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.08.21.png

Also here with the about page I wanted to keep it simple again and insure that there wasn’t reams of text to read, I wanted a brief synopsis of who I would be as a designer.
I feel using a headshot was not a good idea, I did this because I felt it might help give that friendly and approachable feel now I look I do not think this is overly professional and its probably not something I will do in my final, I also think I want to design a website for a design agency with a different name mainly because I am not keen on the idea of using my own name and would like to make something more professional and anonymous.Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.08.09.png


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