Digital Media Examples…


Right so.. I wanted to look into some other types of digital media and what I found extremely effective and something that really made me think differently about digital media was when I started to think about digital videos.I class this as digital media as it is a re-invention of something that initially was not digital. We know use mainly if not all digital video over film.
I feel this is a beautifully made piece and feel it is well-informed and interesting. Using beautiful shots and brilliant filming it really makes me as a designer feel inspired.Along with the music and brilliant graphics it just shows how film can educate people very clearly.
The link for the film is below.
This video is to explain the work of John Mayer and show his design process, not only does this intrigue an audience as it shows them part of the process that you would not usually be aware of it is really interesting to see somebody elses profession and how it works.
I find this medium more interesting as I feel as if film is a great way to educate or gain an audiences understanding without having them read a lot of text.
This piece would have been made by gaining hours and hours of footage and gaining the shots that you required and then placing into a piece of editing software such as final cut or movie maker etc to edit the pieces to create a smooth final and then would add music or voiceovers with other software such as audit or garageband.
This film is made really nicely, It includes some really nice shots and makes for a really nice finish, I think the voice over with the on going music makes for a really nice final piece, It is really soft and intriguing.
I feel the average audience for this would prefer to watch a video to reading loads of text,It also comes across a more modern media to use and can be used across a lot of different networks, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and more recently Instagram.
This has inspired me to realise that it is more interesting for a reader and also gives a more interactive feel that type to have some sort of moving imagery included, This could be something I could work into my website either a video, moving animation or even a slideshow of images I feel this keeps the audience more interested than just a flat image and type based website.


Pinterest is something that has been around a little while but is very interesting and inspiring, It gives the audience the freedom to save and share and post things that inspire them and also there own work.I feel this is good platform for designers and artists to post work and get feedback,It is also enables people to “pin” you work this means that a link it posted of the board to your work and can be seen from there board but still gives you full rights to the piece, It is also brilliant for seeing other designers work and looking at how other people have tackled projects that are similar. It gives you options to define your search a lot so you can find images that relate to current projects.
I personally use this as both, I save a lot of things that I am interested in and also have boards exhibiting different types of work I have done.
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.05.15.png
I feel this works with audiences as it is a more refines search appose to something like google or bing where knower days is so widely and easily used and everyone has a links to everything that it brings up a lot of things that you are not looking for also with search engines you don’t gain such artistic visuals where as on Pinterest you have a lot of inspirational and designs based on what you are actually looking for.
You can download an app that looks similar to the webpage but specifically coded for the phone, It works really nicely and has all the same features and allows you to log in to your account.
This would have been made with a series of coding and some form of design software, It could have been designed in something like illustrator and them using the elements coded to have features and links embedded into the webpages.
It could have been created on something like muse which is produced on domain and space utilities.


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