Webpage Research


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I have started of by looking at some design agencies webpages. The first page includes a sliding show that flicks through pictures of there showcased work.The first page is very image heavy and with small captions to give extra information on points of interest.
I find that the simple with a lot of images is a good way to go with a design website, mainly because you are trying to showcase your work.
Something I like is that there is a blog part and a news button, I feel this is a really nice touch as it makes it seem up to date and interactive. It gives a separate interest to the website and may be a good way to get people involved.Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.47.03
There is also a section of the webpage where you can buy art work prints, I think this hails a another audience an gives another element to the website there fore this may mean art goers would stumble across there work and branding and be interested but by mistake.
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.47.25
This also keeps the website current and the blog section talks about things that have gone on but also that link to the design subject loosely.
The purpose of this piece is that it is a well designed page that showcases the best work of the Carter Wong Design Agency.
I feel this is simple and modern, I feel these are both good attributes for a design agency to pursue.The clientele for a design agency is VERY varied meaning it is important to show that you are flexible as a designer and can fit your style to a brief with ease and style but is also important to show that your work is up to date and current as this is something every audience will look for.
The Yellow and Grey colour scheme is a very popular one in design at the moment, using just a small touch of this colour with a simple and stylish webpage works really well, over crowding a website would draw away from the focus which should be the design work.
Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.41.18.png
This would also make the website to stylistic therefore creating the same problem as before where by an potential that want something in a different style may be turned off.
I feel although the branding or the design agency all together is really effective, although it is simple I feel as if the colour scheme can be used with simple elements to create a brand identity without having anything busy or obvious.

Something I found very inspiring to me is the “Say Hello” part of the design, this fulfils the audiences needs as it is make it very accessible to be able to click on the small button which appears of every page of the website which promoted a small business card type information box to appear, I found this really interesting and felt this is a brilliant way to bring in a vital element of a webpage, It is consistent, accessible and simple for the audience to use.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 13.41.06

Having looked at other websites for design agencies and I feel this is very smart and looks really professional, this again I feel is because they have kept it simple and insured there is  a focus on the work and also that it does not look to specific for particular audiences.
Pentagram are large agency and have quite a few offices, I really like the way the contact page is really easily used and you just select the city and then email them straight from the page, This is something I will consider.
I think this hails an audience as the slider buttons are very similar to something apple uses on the iPhone although you do not want to copy apple it is defiantly something to consider is that a large number of people do use an apple product when viewing the webpage and if not they now how to use an apple product so including something that signifies this makes people comfortable and it feels like something they are used to using.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 13.43.58
I think its very important for a website to be accessible and easily navigated, I feel as if the buttons in the top right corner are slightly to small and feel as if it is in a slightly strange layout, although I can understand trying something different but I do feel the sight would need to be easily navigated, especially the contact and about sheet as this is where potential customers would need to gain solid and clear information.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.56.28.png

The layout of these buttons are bit strange and I think this could have been helped by having lines in the middle horizontally, This would break it up and insure that the buttons where clearly read.
This has brought to my attention that the small details are very important in a website and it gives us the opportunity to navigate the audience round perfectly.
I really think that the  clear and information yet still simple and modern layout of this site has a very effective finish, with my research I can already conclude that there is
definitely a theme that they all are very simple with a typographic logo and some form of colour pop as the brand, I feel this is something I would like to include into my design for my website although I would like to somehow have a spin on my design so that it doesn’t fit with the generic theme of the websites for designers, I feel this is a good idea as design is a competitive industry and you have to have a reason why a client would choose you over other designers to do there work for you.


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