Webpage Research Continued


I feel this is website is effective although there is a lot going on, With a busy logo, a dark colour scheme and a few different shapes its very busy. I think that the black background is a bit to much and in this case I do feel as if the colour scheme is a distraction instead of a compliment to the work. Something that does interest me about this website is the fact that that again there is a box in the corner that appears on every page and this shows the phone number, this hails the audience by giving them the freedom to browse around the website and always be able to get access to the contact information.I think that the structure is of the website is effective, this is quite a traditional layout and I feel is something I will look into to as a lot of websites have this traditional hierarchy starting that the logo or name at the top then the buttons below, then what ever information all centre aligned,although I feel this is an effective layout I feel it would be good for mine personally to have something slightly different mainly because it is what the consumer is used to so it is very easily navigated and believe it or not this does hail an audience in itself because something that is easily understandable.
Having looked at other design sites I found this one had a very similar layout with the squares to show the work of the agency.
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 18.33.35.png
The font page is very simple and easily navigated although I do feel as if there could have been more of an effort made with the type, Im not sure the capitals in the buttons work very well, Personally I feel the type may have looked better in the face that is in the “design” bit of the logo.
I think the drop down menu to gain feedback hails the audience by making it quick and easy to leave feedback.I almost feel as if bad type gives a look of bad quality.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 18.39.22.png

I really like this simple layout for portfolio work, it makes it really easy to flick through and see all the different style of the agency and decide weather its the agency they would like to pick. When it comes to a company choosing a design agency they would tend to look at there most local designers and work out what sort of style they are looking to achieve therefore I feel it would be a good idea for me to include a large variation of your work like this has included.I like the look of the rounded edges on the squares soften it up and this is something you want to signify when it comes to design, it has to seem approachable and friendly, I also feel this is a down fall with the colour scheme for this site, It signifies a harsh and angry feel with the dark colours and the orange, this may be an effective colour scheme in small elements but just feel this is slightly over board, this has made me realise how important it really is to keep it simple.
This may be something I consider in my own portfolio, I feel I should simplify abit and the fact that Im not keen at all on the black background is very telling, I feel the white backgrounded ones I have looked with white backgrounds I have preferred, I think is firstly because it makes the pieces look more crisp and colours pop more vividly just all together draws attention to the piece more than black backgrounds do.
In my opinion another important element in a website is the branding and logo of the company itself as the branding is what gives the agency an identity and gives clients something to remember and recognise, especially for a design agency as sometimes we have to create brand identities on behalf of companies so I think the branding for the designer themselves needs to be impeccable and communicate really well.I feel this branding does not communicate as well as Id hope, I think it says more car company than designer, I feel the type of font looked like it connotes speed and motoring and also think the colour scheme doesn’t really connote design that well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 18.39.37

Studio Cuculic

I LOVE the front page of this webpage, I think it is really effective, It shows the work perfectly. The small boxes show that they have done varied work, from something simplistic and modernist to something unique and modern.This illustrates to potential clientele perfectly, it shows them how varied you work can be and when you see all of these different examples there must be at least one thing that may be similar to what your vision for your own graphic design will the.
I think the simple branding and clean lines works perfectly for a design website, keeping it simple is how I believe its most effective as the focus needs to be the work and this is what clientele will be interested to see.
My only criticism would be the buttons, I feel they should be slightly more clear than just words and possibly slightly larger .I think its brilliant that they have the Facebook symbol linking to there Facebook site, this is an easy way to your clients to contact you, It is world wide and well known and well used.To take it further with digital media if you were to do an over seas job you could stay in communication with Facebook, enabling you to sent images of the work and gain feedback etc.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.56.35.png

I really like the way the work is categorised so that people can focus and see what they are actually interested in. If somebody is looking get some packaging made they would be able to focus there search on this and the same for branding, posters and books.
I also like the way this is simply shown, It is all photographed on white backgrounds.Its really effective and clear.Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.56.59.pngAs I said before I feel the contact element of a design website is vital. This has to make sense as this is how people will get hold of you to book jobs.
I feel this contact page is kept very simple and looks really clear and simple and I think this is good although I still feel that contact information should be accessible on every page and\or just basic contact info through out the whole web page.
Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.17.25.png
Pearl Fisher
Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.30.43.png

I find this webpage really effective for design, again its extremely simple, this is very image heavy. Im really interested in the quotes on the front page, I find the slideshow at the top very inspiring as I feel the soft yet subtle movement keeps you interested, if the reader sees something moving I feel this captures and keeps attention of the audience. I think again a black and white colour scheme works really well with lovely imagery and brilliant typography.
This is also something that definitely needs to be considered, the typography of the website should be consistent and work well with colour schemes ect mainly because it gives a feel of good quality and shows the quality of the designers them self.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.31.54.png

The work is shown brilliantly, It shows a large image of it on a scrolling page. The header stays on the page until the bottom, this helps with the accessibility and mains people can scroll and still see the branding and also the buttons to navigate the page with ease.The only colour on this page is inputed by the pieces, this works nicely as it gives more focus to the pieces. As you can see the buttons turn a lighter shade when you are on, this again helps with navigation to remind us what page we are currently seeing therefore we can also cut the need for titles and subheadings on pages.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.32.04.png

Some of these buttons have neat lists that can narrow down your  search so you are only seeing what you are interested in seeing. I think this is really effective and helpful with the audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.59.35.png

Pearl fisher have a “live” section to there website, this is all projects that have currently gone out on the market. I really like this, I think it keeps everything very current and helps to keep the audience in the loop.This could be a part of my website although I feel this has inspired me to think of maybe putting something about the design process and sketches etc almost like a blog, I think its nice to let the audience see the process not just the end result.


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