I am really happy with my final piece as I feel it does what I was trying to achieve, I feel it fulfils the brief. I found this project slightly harder as you do not have the time to start broadly narrow down your ideas, from the very start you have to insure your research and outcomes are concise and working towards a rapid final outcome, I was very certain that I did not want the quality of my work to be any different just because I had less time I still wanted it to be high quality and insure it was effective.It was important for me to insure I used effective type and imagery that suited the plot.I wanted to gain a really good understanding for the book and this is why I decided to do some brainstorming and drawing some ideas up that might work for my final.I did not want the short time frame to let me forget to gain every angle of my design process, I wanted to insure I had worked through a lot of ideas and selected the best way to communicate the story of the book.The once I had got together some themes I started to think about how I could use typography to communicate these themes to the potential reader.
After looking at some different faces including some scripts and other serif more traditional typefaces I decided I wanted something slightly different to what had been used in previous the catcher in the rye covers.
I have used Bebas Neau as my font because I felt it reflected an angry teenage theme throughout because of the straight-lines and chunky feel gives it a more angry and modern feel.I also felt this was appropriate and effective because
I used the smoke as a signifier through out my design this is because I wanted to use something subtle and different from the imagery I had seen in covers before.
The most common covers used the orange hat that Holden was explained to wear in the book, This is something I wanted to tie in but without directly put in the cover therefore I decided to use the colour to show this part of the plot, I used the colours to highlight the important parts of text and and create hierarchy with the type. The idea was that the title was read first, I did this by creating this in the brightest colour and the also making the authors name in a brighter colour therefore leaving the “a novel by” to be read when taking a closer look but not to be the main focus.
I chose minion pro as my body text for the back of the book as I wanted to again keep it simple, I created a left aligned column, I felt this left space for me to place a complimentary imagery.
I feel the strong points of my final is that it looks professional and has a clean and modern finish, I feel the colour scheme suits the theme nicely, it is dark with a hint of colour, I feel the dark background gives that dark mysterious feel.
I feel I have used the type and colour scheme to assist the communication of this cover.
Im really happy with my final, I feel it has fulfilled the brief and Im happy with the type and imagery in my final outcome.
The Catcher In The Rye Mock Up.jpg


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