My Type Final Piece..

Here shows some of the type faces I looked at using for my final piece.
After seeing different typefaces with the theme of the book I decided that a solid and modern type face made more impact and suited the themes of the book a lot more.
I initially thought I might use a script font to reflect the smokey theme of the book, I also saw a lot of novels that had used this although after seeing it I actually felt it didn’t work at all with the smoke.I also had the feeling that for a book starring a young male this was quite a feminine font to use, It gives a more feminine finish overall.
I also felt that the thinner lines of the type meant that it made the imagery look very bulky.I feel using a chunky san-serif will carry on the simple feel whilst also balancing the lines of the illustration out and putting a focus onto the titles,Using colours picked from my imagery and that suited the book theme.
I have decided no the final font Bebas Neue this is because it looked balanced and suited the theme well,It gave of the sort of angry teen feel and felt much more fitting to the audience that my book is targeted towards.
I used the colour and different point sizes to draw attention to the most important parts of text.
I really feel like this was an important choice to get the right typeface for a book cover, this will attract the right audience and also give the right vibe to the audience for the plot and themes of the book.

The Catcher 4 mock .png


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