Thumbnails ..

I did these thumbnails purely to give me an idea of how the layout of my piece might be and where I could place my type to be just as effective as the imagery and compliment each other well.I wanted to create a good balance when it came to my piece and I wanted each section to look the same, When it comes to a spine and back cover I want everything to look very inclusive an well – presented.I want the whole thing to look cohesive.
Personally when looking at other book covers in my opinion the type has been to large and I feel the type for my piece would look a lot better subtle, mainly because with my book a VERY important theme to have communicated well is the theme of isolation therefore I want something very simple and clear, I want to use space effectively to insure I can portray this theme and also because I feel space gives a piece a lot more depth sometimes.
I really like the idea of the smoke and cigarette coming from the side although I feel this might look too empty if I do not include something else, I also feel that I need include some sort of male on there to give a feel for the book itself and connote to the main character.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 00.34.13.png


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