Making My Imagery..

Having decided I wanted to include lips with a cigarette I started to trance this of an image of some lips I found on the internet, as strange as it sounds I wanted the lips to look very manly as I felt this could easily be portrays a sensual womanly design if I wasn’t careful, I wanted it to seem like a young man and believe it or not this took some doing.
I wanted to create something really sketchy looking simple using clean curves and smooth line so I decided to use the pencil tool and the width tool to make a more smooth line appose to the more structured and vectored finish of the pen tool.
This was my resultScreen Shot 2016-02-12 at 00.53.53.png
I felt this was still about to girly, so I changed the cupids bow slightly to make it abit more manly and this is how it finished.It was a small change but felt it made a big difference.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 00.54.46.png

After putting my final together and adding a few colours I decided I felt the face needed an outline, I added some jaw bones and a couple of lines for a neck, This made it a lot more human and worked a lot better, I then sized it and placed it into the corner, this gave is a massive difference and I felt it worked nicely as simple imagery to compliment my type and information on the front cover, To add a bit more of a real feel to the cigarette I decided I would add some colour then realised this would be the perfect opportunity to use the orange I wanted to use,I then decided I could use this colour scheme through out, I added a grey background and made the lines white,I felt this further that grumpy, dark feel that the book narration gave me and also felt like the reflected someone coming out of the dark which seemed to be fitting to the book.

I then decided I wanted to create realistic smoke to finish my whole thing off, I did this by using the mesh tool(U) over a rectangular box.I then added lighter shades of grey and white onto cirtain points and then I used the warp tool to warp the parts into the fluid and soft lines of smoke until I was happy with the outcome, I wanted to warp this into the right sort of shape that it would leave enough space around the type to use to make it show the isolation theme, I wanted to use the space I had effectively.

This is my final piece of imagery, I will shape this around my type.


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