Final Sketches

After finalising my measurements and having an idea for how much space I would have I did a final drawing for me to follow whilst I want producing the final. I decides I wanted the spine text reading downwards as when I went into the library and took a look I found it a lot easier to read the ones that read downwards and this was also the majority.
I also made a decision that I wanted to somehow carry the design on the the back cover so I felt having the smoke either coil round the whole book or the just look like it had drifted across was a really nice device,I will probably try this in some different colours although I do feel as if including some sort of orange/red would be a good idea just to connote to the older book covers but still putting a modern twist onto a classic.
Although a very rough sketch this just helps me to design and not get stuck on how to fill the space as I have already considered where everything will go and it helps me to insure I have not missed anything whilst designing, This tends to change although just gives me a rough idea.I also have made the decision that I will probably have my type justified to the right, this is because I feel body text is usually left justified and so as a juxtaposition to thing I will position on the right especially because I will be including left justified text to the back cover I just feel like this balance the whole piece out nicely.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 00.36.51.png


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