Existing Book Inspiration..

I started off by looking at very traditional and typical layouts and type for pelican and penguin books.This uses a simple type face aligned to the right, the imagery was what always made the impression, Wanting to make a new spin on modern classics and having more freedom in our design now I feel like it might be an idea to make the type suit the book a bit more mainly because we have the facilities and software to do so and we can communicate more by using type to add another device to communicate your piece.The 3D technique on this makes it really different and I feel like this might be something interesting to include as it is very different and on a book shelf would catch peoples attention and invites them to think the books very interesting.Using a san serif type face as this looks clean and modern.There is one thing that I am not the keen on with he pelican book covers is that the “a pelican book” line does not have a capital letter there for I feel I may place this slightly differently in my so it is not so obvious as this is the same with penguin books.
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 18.59.02

I then started to look at some other interesting book covers.

I found these book covers very effective, It using type to compliment the imagery and make a suggestion to the content of the book, I feel it is important to only make a suggestion to the plot as it makes it more interesting for the audience to, I feel keeping the imagery mysterious.I think I will use a simplistic piece of imagery and simple type it communicates a very solid message.

I really like the fact that the type is small,It makes a good impression whilst being subtle and understandable. The combination of a plain background, simple imagery and simple subtle type makes a brilliant hint to the story without giving it away to the audience and also looks modern and clear by using a serif type face although I feel the type at the left is rather to small although this may be different in print.Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.21.55.png
I found this front cover made a really interesting use of type by including it as part of the imagery, this is a really effective as it connotes the theme of the story and includes the type amongst the story theme, this makes it really interesting and attracts the eye, the sans serif type face in a unique layout makes for a really interesting and different front cover which would definitely catch your eye.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.39.17.png
This front cover makes for a very interesting finish, I think the imagery includes some really clever design.The type for this piece makes a juxtaposition from the last one as its a very classic serif type face in a white, this makes for a really soft finish to the piece. I think this makes for a more classic finish. As with my piece I want to focus on my type I might consider trying small type like this, I really like the way the word “the” is in lowercase and the rest upper case, the makes a main focus on the words in uppercase, I feel this is also something you could do with colour or size of type and something I may consider.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.40.14.png


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