Choosing My Typefaces

Having looked at a lot of themed typefaces I felt the book warranted a more classic and simple typeface, this book is a traditional classic and is also set in the 1950s so I feel it might be nice to use a traditional typeface but spinning it with using colour scheme and imagery to make it look modern therefore I am going to start looking at fonts and also modern colour schemes that might fit the theme of the book and also what imagery might compliment this nicely.
Having done some research into the book ,The themes I have wanted to portray in the book are rebellion, isolation, mental health, teenage rebellion, journey and especially anger, anger and annoyance is a large theme in the book. From my knowledge of the book this is mainly what I gathered from this.I had the idea with my sketches that something that might reflect this well is the fact that in the story they speak about him smoking cigarettes , I feel this almost compliments all the themes I wanted to portray.I feel by using smoke as a signifier this could connote the isolation and also smoking is a good signifier for teenage rebellion. I feel using my layout and imagery I could communicated the themes better.
This is some of the typefaces I have looked at.

Catcher in the rye font .jpg
As you can see I looked at firstly a really simple font and then looked at some scripts to try and reflect the smoke theme I wanted and then started to decide I wanted something classic,simple and legible.
I really wanted to choose something that would reflect that sort of angry and blocky theme.I looked at some really simple yet blocky typeface.I just felt like the scripts definitely where not going to work especially that I wanted to smoke in the imagery so I thought this would completely clash and just have to much going on.

I will show in my next post some of my faves used in the design I create for my final to insure it makes everything tie together nicely and creates a brilliant final.


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