The Catcher In The Rye Covers

happy-birthday-holden-caufield.html.jpgThis is a very traditional book cover which connotes to the carasel scene from the book . This is a simple sketches image with holden at the for front and including the hat that is very widely used in all of the book covers, I have only seen a few versions of the book cover where the hat has not been used a signifier, as my thoughts before this book cover uses a simple and classic serif type face and uses 2 seperate colours to distiquish between the type, I feel this is an effective front cover although I will be trying to create something rather more interesting and modern than this although still using the same feel from this peice, I feel this cover having holdon in a darker shade and in the corner has a mysterious and grumpy feel therefore reflecting the story line nicely I feel this is something I would like to achieve with my cover.

21-unreliable-narrators-that-may-or-may-not-be-lyi-7rut.jpgThis is another very well recognised and classic cover for the catcher in the rye, this again reflects the carasel scene which although is an important scene in the book and its the last scene I feel this has been used so much that I would like to use something else and create a  slightly different feel.This uses something that I thought off for my own piece and this is using the colour of the hat without actually including the hat, there is a debate whether this is orange of red but most of the versions I have seen and anyone who has read the book agreed they thought it was orange so I think this is probably the colour I will go with.
I really like the sketchy rough feel of this cover and think that its really nice to have scene of the city in the background to give a feeling of the setting of the piece.
I also think its effective to have the “a novel by J.D.Salinger” I think this looks much more full and makes the cover clear.


This one is a more modern one although I still feel for me this does not reflect the book in the way I have read it, although I feel it reflects the setting and I like the use of pops of colour,I feel the typeface is too thin and does not reflect the storyline and I do feel as if the positioning of holden looks as if its reflecting suicide and I  do not feel this reflects the real theme of the book.
I do really like the use of colour and negative space and again I like the use of colour in the type to draw attention and to change certain communications of the titles.


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