It is interesting that this explains he was in a TB centre not a mental hospital. It also explains that the route of his problems is that his brother has died, Small things tend to bother Holden, this seems to be one of the reasons he is so alienated from other people is because he is not tolerant of other peoples faults, maybe this is because he’s been alone since he was so young.
It is also very interesting when he starts to lie and saying he has a brain tumour, this seems like he is so alienated that he wants to lie to get attention.He has very strange views on sex and on that note relationships, this seems as if he just wants any time of attention he can get.When Holdon speaks about perfect people he claims they are fake this seems as if he convinces himself people all have problems like he does and there is nobody happier than him.He has a bit on an obsession with people being “phonies” again this is the thoughts he has about people having bad mental health the same as him.
This will help me to reflect the story better in my book jacket.


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