Upon visiting the design museum I was inspired by the “disclosed” exhibit, Disclosed presents an app and website where by the power is given to the audience to make informed decisions of how they shop, it is personalised by giving you options to prioritise what is important to the individual. I felt this idea was clever design as it was very well branded and also gave a sense of making a small change instead of something large and intimidating to the audience.
Having thought divergently about 100 ideas for the project I came to an idea of selling seeds with produce to educate and inform people about the produce whilst also giving back, I felt this was not a great idea as it would be very limited, people would buy the produce (and seeds) plant the seeds and produce there own fruit meaning this would skip the fruit market out all together therefore meaning this product would not have an awful lot of turn over.
After doing research I came to find that with the building industry on a fast increase and less people we are losing space to grow flowers, trees, bushes and natural greenary.
Not only is this an issue for us as humans because it produces oxygen and helps to absorb some C02 it also means that if we carry on we will not be able to have access to fresh vegetables,fruit, flowers and honey.I felt that honey is a well-known and well-loved product and I felt this would suit well with the sustainability of the project as I could create a cycle, After doing some research I had the idea of having a plantable label that grows wild flowers. You buy the honey from your local shop,plant the label and this would create flowers to help with pollination which in sequence would help to produce more honey therefore sending it in a full circle to create a sustainable product for consumers. I felt this could be made into a piece of experience design, I wanted to work out how I could enhance this element by developing my product.After doing some journey mapping by creating some personas I realised that a good way to do this was to enable people to interact with there smart phones from home, this gives the idea a personal and interactive feel.I decided to design an app and website to demonstrate how people could download there images and leave a message about it.
Having looked at signifiers and signifying colours for bees,honey and flowers I used a honeycomb shape and a yellow and grey theme to connote the bees and also the bright colours to connote spring and flowers. The honeycomb shape gives connotations towards what has happened before the honey has hit the consumers table, this is something I intent on having when it came to my finals as I didn’t just want a cute picture of a bee to catch peoples attention I wanted something that educated the audience and made them think.
I felt using this idea I could create a effective final piece with some clean design, deeply considered communication and targeting the right audience.
I feel I have done this successfully with my final designs, I feel I have achieved clear and simple designs that will be well communicated.I am very happy with my final pieces, if I was to do this project again I feel I would take more time in photographing my final piece so I could put and clear and neat image onto my final design solutions board to show the product more effectively that just having the labels show cased but as this was a conceptual project I felt this would still be effective so I feel this will be acceptable for know.

Honey Jar


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