App and Webpage.. How will it communicate ?

To create the mockup for my app and webpage I started of by finding lots of images of gardens and wild flowers that would grow in England and that I knew was in my paper (daisy’s, cornflowers, thistles etc.
I added these on based of the lay out of Instagram including boxes where buy people could anonymously or with a name showcase there pictures and gain a discount of there next jar of honey, they will input an email address therefore sending promos and competitions all to do with the flowers they are growing to again make this more interactive for the consumer.I want to keep it clear and simple but with the normal logo and branding colours, shapes and text to keep a solid brand image.This would mean the focus was on the people involved and the ideology and help behind the project not focused on flamboyant interesting design.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.31.36.png

I added a large hexagon shape at the top of the page pointing towards the imagery again to draw the eyes to the correct focal point.
I carried the same theme through both creating this on illustrator and the grabbing generic pictures of modern devices online and place them onto it to give and real life feel to the concept and show how it would work in industry.
I decided that I would have the button as part of the main block with the images as I felt this also makes you feel like you are one of a movement, I felt if it skipped to a page to put a lot details in it seems like a large effort and this would turn people of it, I want it to feel simple and personalised not threatening or over whelming for the user.
I did the app in the same way to make it easily accessible for the audience as shown.
app for blog.jpg


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