Making my labels..

I chose to use illustrator to make my labels this is because I had to create small pieces of icon based graphics in, I will place it into indesign after to print as some of the work will need to be double sided. I started but creating my back label as this is the most icon and information heavy.I did this by creating small icons with the pen tool to demonstrate different information such as the recycling sign using the green to convey the message more clearly. I included the vegetarian sign and also all of the kcal values etc.
I wanted to still make these well designed and have smooth edges where I can. I decided I wanted to keep this lighthearted so I added some colloquial phrases the back using the same font as the rest of my design to keep it cohesive with everything else, Still using the 66% opacity that I used in my logo to insure that everything was along the same colour scheme.


I then added the G weight of the product as I measured it in the process.I have added a small set of geometric hexagon shapes in the branded colours to give the message I wanted about the production of the honey, This is something I will add where possible to firstly put the theme at the for front of the audiences mind but also to keep everything very much branded all together.I have also used the term, “ps plant me as well” I felt this gave a personable feel and also informed the customer to plant all the labels therefore insuring the product has had its full potential.I would have liked to have the weight in the same 66% grey as the others although to follow the food health guideline it all have to be the same, black.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.05.31.png
I then went on the use the same skills to create a front label. I made the addition of a script font, I felt this fitted well with the soft theme and also breaks up the graphic slightly and draws attention to the right pieces, its draws you eye to what the product actually is. I then added the information, I want this to seem almost poetic to give of that positive feeling all round.I then added the same colour scheme and shape arrangements to keep the piece as one and follow a recognisable brand image.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.08.59.png

I created a simple back for this label to demonstrate the ID number that people would need to input when they post there images on the webpages and app. This also includes a promotion that people can receive upon inputing a valid ID number for there next jar of honey to keep up with the idea I had of creating an incentive for the sales of the honey therefore more people growing the flowers.Using the same script font for the quotation at the bottom and using a clear and easily read numerical font for the ID number to make it clear and easy to read.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.21.27.png

This label includes with my interactive and modern feel by including a QR code that would send you straight to either the website of the free Api Bees app on App Store/Android apps to be able to download it with easy access.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.20.37.png
I again included the colours and shapes to keep everything very cohesive and clear.


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