Development ~ Packaging ~ Communication on shelf

After much research and making a decition that I wanted to use glass jars as my packaging for the honey I went shopping in search of the perfect honey jar I found some very interesting and lovely ones that I felt would communicate nicely to the audience although felt it had to be perfect,This is the first thing my consumer will see when looking at my product.

These are the jars I chose out and that I would choose from.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.14

The Kilner lid fits on all of the jars. I felt that the jar on the top right was far to big and was an unlikely size for the average consumer, I also felt this would not communicate how I wanted it too as it would look bulky and large although on the other hand this could work well as we have a perception that being sustainable means we need to cut back and this might be a nice juxtaposition to this ideology. The one on the bottom right had far to much detail and I felt this would distract attention although thinking deeply this might also be a good thing and I would only need to include a small tag around the neck of the jar to demonstrate and this would only use a small amount of paper.
The one on the bottom left hand corner was plastic and is likely to be thrown away after one use and I did not feel this was sustainable, This made me think that it might be a clever idea to have a look at something that has another use after the honey that has been eaten, I started to look at jars that had handles on them, this gave the incentive for the jar to be used over and over again and I feel this is also an incentive to buy the honey to get more jars, This is the jar I then chose.
I also feel the lid of this jar gives an opportunity to place design in the top circle as it has a detonable ring on it.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.01I felt this was the best when it came to thinking about the wider use of the product as it has a sealing inside edge of the bottle therefore keeping everything completely sealed in and sanitery and this is something that would need to be considered for commercial sale.

I started to take measurements of the jar so that I could start working on my labels for it, I wanted a large label for the top, A label for the front and small label for the back to demonstrate small details that would need to be on food packaging (ingredients, warning, information etc).

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.25
I then looked at my jar next to a honey jar on the market at the moment to see if there was anything I may have missed, This made me realise that my jar is quite a lot taller but then I think it is quite a lot thinner and after weighing honey into the jar the contents was just over the average honey jar so I felt this working well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.35


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