My concept In 500…

Upon visiting the design museum I was inspired by the “disclosed” exhibit, Disclosed presents an app and website where by the power is given to the audience to make informed decisions of how they shop, it is personalised by giving you options to prioritise what is important to the individual. I felt this idea was clever design as it was very well branded and also gave a sense of making a small change.

This provoked me to think about what being a consumer meant to people and how I could assist with this and find a sustainable process that could educate audiences therefore making them understand the damage we do during the process of making and consumption. I wanted to make a small yet recognisable change that made people feel like they were helping therefore promoting this feeling to wider audiences. I have decided to do this by tackling the issue of bee extinction. With buildings towering up and architecture a fast growing industry meaning we limit the ground available to let wild flowers, trees and bushes grow therefore giving bees, hummingbirds and butterflies nothing to pollinate. This has prompted me to create a project that uses people’s everyday shopping habits to inspire them to grow flowers and help with this issue.  This spawned the idea that I will create a product the packaging of which we can plant.  I started to think about how I could approach this and bring it to the average consumer.  I then had a light bulb moment about something that is well-known, widely used and very a loved product, Honey.

You buy a jar of honey from your local farm shop or supermarket, peel the label off, wait till spring and plant the label and then let the flowers do their thing therefore starting off the cycle again, after researching into the audience of my concept I decided I would also try to make this an more interactive experience for the consumer by designing social media pages and a web page/app to enable people to post pictures of how they have been creative with the flowers.  I can run competitions and promotions and keep people updated to create interest and inspiration to keep going and keep helping.  I will also be placing a code number on the back of each label that people will be instructed to input when they post the picture to receive a discount for their next jar of honey.  The name Api Bees was inspired by the Latin word for bees “Apis”.

It is also a play on words and in my opinion quite catchy and recognisable.  I feel this gives a positive and approachable brand image.
I felt this was something I could achieve with good design and clever innovation, carefully considering my audience and making an effort to make my piece interactive and provoke a positive attitude and a feeling of fulfilment from helping the environment and giving back to the earth.


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