Journey Mapping.

Journey Mapping is a technique where by you further a persona from your list by mapping out the journey that your product or service would create for the individual, I did this for tracy as I felt she was the most ideal for my project and I wanted to work out how it would be better for these people,I wanted to demonstrate how my product will ideally be effecting people, as shown below this is how I feel my piece should communicate and I have tried to adjust a couple of things and include QR codes etc to make this process as successful as possible.I have also from this realised I needed to include something further to insure the cycle does not end at the flowers growing, I have furthered the idea to having a webpage and app to include a different audience and also to insure I am keeping up with the standard of modern technology.
This journey map shows how I ideally want my piece to take the consumer on a journey.Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 21.50.06.png


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