Personas are something that is used in design and also in business and marketing to gain an understanding of how the audience might be affected in there lives and how it might fit.It is good to look at something called “extreme users” this is people that are from both ends of the spectrum, you might have one that you create that is absolutely perfect for you product and would be the ideal user and then to someone who might be completly wrong for your product and would be unlikely to buy or use it, this helps the designer to change things or think of alternative ways to insure that they are not missing any gaps in the market and insure that a potential user doesn’t miss out and think about how you might include them.
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 15.48.39
I have made some examples of people to relate to my ideas and try to insure my design includes different markets, shown below.personas .png

I created Tracy as my ideal consumer, this means that she will be the perfect person for my product to appeal to, I also create Lilly to show someone that it may not appeal to , I have started thinking about how I could help with this such as making it interactive with an app or website to add this young, modern element that might interest people more therefore making it an interesting group memory.


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