Experience in my design…

You buy your jar of honey in the local farm shop or supermarket then you take it hope and peel the label, you wait till spring then plant it you label and let the flowers do there thing, this starts the cycle again, the bees will pollinate the flowers and gives us more honey to buy, whilst

1 . Raising awareness for the food we buy and the way we completely disregard what has happened before it finds its way to your breakfast table.
2 . Helping to give back to the produce we buy, solving issues for bee pollination and also for other animals that would benefit from flowers being grown.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 18.04.46

I then started to think about how I could make this an experience as the audience and how they could engage more with my product.
Hoping that I can appeal to different markets with this technique, to children, adults and elderly people.
I think by having the information on the label to demonstrate how to plant the label it will make it very interactive, I have been trying to think how I could further this idea and the way I will further this is to include an element of social media,I could develop this to creating a webpage for people to post pictures onto the website and get money of there next jar. I thought that there might be a problem with the flowers as anyone could post a pic from anywhere so I decided I wanted to have something that could distinguish weather they have bought the honey so I will have a code on the back of each jar for people to input when they post there picture and to feel even more interactive with the audience I will place a QR code on top to take you straight to the webpage from your phone.This also modernises my concept and makes it inclusive to my audience.


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