Experience Design….

Experiences are placed into 3 different categories although these categories will sometimes cross over,this categories include


This is a experience that we don’t always nesseserilly realise we are having. Things we do everyday, this would include Eating,Breathing,Dressing,Brushing your teeth etc.


These are experiences that we realise we are having at the time, this could be anything from seeing an unusual animal to going to a theme park, this is anything that we recognise as an experience when its happening.

Group memories

This is a memory that you are sharing with a large group of people, this could be either strangers or family and friends. This could be something like a family meal to something that strangers share like a festival or concert, this could even be something bad such as a natural disaster or large event.

The idea of me researching this was to realise that people would remember things a lot more if you made it an experience more than just a regular design it gives people more to remember, it becomes a memory, this means by creating design hat gives you an experience you will make more of an impact on someone.
This is something I definitely want to incorporate in my final design.

The video shown below is of some swings that make music, this would be classed as a group experience, this is an example when it would be also cross over with being a recognised experience, these two cross over quite often.
This is an example of very well done experience design because as you can see in the video its getting people excited and making an impact on individuals, if you can excite someone in this way about a concept that completely new and different then why could I not implement the same techniques to change peoples views and inform them of how we can, as consumers give back and learn where our food comes from.

How can my project reflect this and use these techniques?

My project is already very interactive which is something I wanted to implement after being inspired at the design museum by interactive products that where light hearted and fun but also had strong messages and conveyed well to the audience.
I feel making my product interactive with the planting of the seed paper this gives it a feel of being an experience.My product would be classed as a recognised experience as you would have an on going sense of growing something and neutering and looking after it. This would convey my message even stronger as I feel this experience makes you feel as if you are doing something good therefore giving the consumers a sense of achievement.


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